WETNS Enrolment Policy and Procedures:

Enrolment Policy:

The Enrolment Policy of WETNS provides for equality of access and participation in the school for all children in our society whatever their social, religious, cultural and racial backgrounds or other special educational need.

Children are admitted strictly on a first come first served basis, based on the date of receipt of Pre-enrolment Application Form.

Places are offered to children according to the school’s enrolment procedures until the school is deemed by the Board of Management to be full. The Board of Management makes decisions in relation to enrolment.

Enrolment Procedures:

The following is a synopsis of our enrolment procedures.

  1. Parents/Guardians wishing to apply for a place for their child must complete and return to the school a Pre-enrolment Application Form
  2. On receipt of the above the school will send the parents/guardians a letter of acknowledgement. This letter should be kept safe as it is a record of a child’s number on the pre-enrolment list (ie: PEL#)
    Please note: This does not guarantee a place in the school in any given year.
  3. In January of any given year, the school will send out confirmation letters and forms to parents/guardians whose children are on the PEL list and are coming in September. Parents/Guardians must reply to this letter if their child’s name is to be included on the final application list.
  4. The school will send out letters of offer within 3 weeks of the closing date for return of the confirmation form (3 above). Places will be offered to those on the final application list on a first come, first served basis, strictly based on the original date of application (PEL#), until the school is deemed by the Board of Management to be full.

Our Enrolment Policy is available on request from the school.

Download Pre-Enrolment Form