For the last two weeks we have had great fun exploring the theme of the ourselves and our body parts. The class have been engaged in learning through Aistear, working on different stations all centred around this theme. Whether we are role playing being doctors, receptionists or patients or building doctors surgeries in our small world station or making medical equipment in Junk art, everyone has been steeped in the vocabulary of this theme. You may hear the rhymes Dr. Foster went to Gloucester, Miss Polly had a Dolly, Lamh, lámh eile, rolaí, polaí or the five senses song being sung around your house these all help us engage in our learning.

The children have been using vocabulary such as stethoscopes, injections, x-ray machines, bandages, medicines , prescriptions, waiting rooms, injury, injections and syringes, to name but a few. They have been firing up their creativity in the junk art area, using all sorts of tubes and various bits and pieces to make life saving medical equipment such as x-ray machines or ‘bone lookers’ as we have renamed them! Next week we will be exploring the theme of school.