Wicklow Educate Together National School
Memo of Minutes of BOM Meeting, Wednesday 9th November 2016
Present – Robert Greene, Sinéad Watson, Eamonn O’Hanrahan, Donna Connolly, Jerry O’Neill, Koryne Smyth, Michelle Adebisi Apologies Kenia Puig Planella
Detailed plans for the Open Day which will be held on November 20th from 2-4 pm.
Some of the snag works were addressed during the mid-term break including blinds, door locks and keys. Primary snag items still in process are: plumbing issues, electrical items and cupboards.
Heating issue in the ASD unit is being addressed and should be resolved by the end of the week.
The concrete footpath and garden path are completed & fencing in the back yard will be completed this week. Garden works are in progress.
Percent for Art – the next meeting will be on November 14th.
Maintenance Contracts, hope to complete recommendations next week.
Projectors have been installed in nearly all classrooms & website is now up and running.
SEN-final resource hours issued 122 hours = 5 posts (2 permanent), final post is a shared post with St Patricks NS-new allocation model will issue from DES in 2017
The review of DEIS is currently underway, the DES are trying to find a formula that would meet current day needs. The ‘profile’ of many schools has changed- the ‘money’ needs to follow the child irrespective of which school he/she attends.
WETNS ECA Rollout Project Plan created by Lisa and Roisin the ECA co-ordinators. It details proposed activities and facilitators.
The appointment of an accountant to certify the school accounts was discussed.
Voluntary contributions letter will be sent out shortly and agreed that suggested contribution will be €100 where there is one child in the school and €180 where there is more than one.
Agreed to run a fundraiser (jersey day) for ET on Friday 18th November.

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 13th December