Intercultural week took place this week. It was a great success with lots of intercultural themed activities for the whole school.

Two weeks ago each class was assigned a different country. The countries were chosen from the various nationalities that are represented in the school. We have all been learning about our chosen country, creating art inspired by their famous artists and learning a traditional dance.

On Monday children from different classes who spoke a second language visited each class and taught us all some useful phrases. It was fantastic to see them so proud to share the language of their families.

On Tuesday each class got to perform their traditional dance for their buddy class in the hall. It was a great chance to experience something new, active and fun!

On Wednesday 6th class organised mini Olympics for the school. The junior end of the school competed in the hall whilst the senior end competed outside. Every class represented different countries. We were so lucky with the sunny day and it was great to see the whole school on the move and enjoying the Olympic challenges.

On Thursday we had a large intercultural food and information fair in the hall. It was a fantastic event with parents and children showing off books, food, games and information about their various countries. The atmosphere in the hall was so lovely it really felt like a very special school- community event.

Thank you to everyone who put in such an effort to come and to all the amazing parents who sent in food. It was much appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed by us all.

A big thank you is also due to 4th class teacher Alan who organised the whole event with great help from parent Marguerite and teacher Isabel, together they got us all learning about different countries in an enjoyable way.