Our theme this month continues to be Harvest and Autumn.

In Aistear we had a busy Farm shop, a station making clay hedgehogs, small world- farm and a great Aistear activity where the children got to make their own salt dough with Sharon/Maeve. They then used the dough to make pumpkins. The children also documented through pictures the procedure/recipe they used to make the dough after the activity. Such a great learning experience!

We have continued with our new sounds this week in English and in Irish we are learning about school ‘An Scoil’ in Maths we completed our activities on sets.

Molgorzata brought in some stick insects for the room which we are housing in our old aquarium. We may need to find a new home for them in February when we collect our frog spawn but for now they are very happy in their new surroundings.

We are enjoying the song ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ performed by the band, The Speks,  who use traditional Irish instruments and the song ‘5 Little Pumpkins’.

We have read the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ to link in with the harvest theme and next week we will be making bread and butter in class as an extension activity.

We completed two lovely art activities, one using dried leaves to create a picture and another where we used our hand outline to create a tree and then with great care and concentration we attempted to curl strips of paper around our pencils to make leaves. It is actually more difficult than it sounds but it was an excellent fine motor art activity.

We also went on an Autumn walk on Monday where we looked and listened for signs of Autumn.