This week in Junior Infants we started the theme of ‘Houses and Homes’. Vocabulary introduced included – detached houses, semi detached houses, bungalow, apartments/flats, terraced, cottages, chalet and caravans. We also looked at the different rooms in a house and what you might find in those rooms. Each of our Aistear stations had a house and home theme too.

In English we have  continued on with their sounds and so far we have covered the following sounds:





We have begun learning some diagraphs ( two sounds come together to make one sound). I will send home another group of letters shortly to add to your sound bags. I have also introduced vowels for the first time this week.

In Irish we have continued on with the lessons on school – ‘An Scoil’.  In Maths we have moved onto shapes, we focused on the circle and the square this week.

In PE we have been practicing some basic ball handling skills.

We also read three versions of the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ during the week and discussed how they were different and similar. We explored the story in our outdoor learning session where we built houses for the pigs using a variety of materials and we made characters from the story with our clay.