This week we got to enjoy some extended whole class activities. I know we are a week late we but completed two science experiments for science week.

Our first experiment was investigating what objects we thought would float in water. Like true scientists we made our predictions, they were recorded by a nominated person at each table and then we recorded out result once we had tested the objects ability to float. There was great discussions around each table predicting what would float or sink.

Our second experiment was investigating static electricity. Everyone had a pen which they statically charged by rubbing it in their hair, they then placed the pen beside a Cherrio which was suspended on a piece of thread. The children predicted that the pen would have no effect on the Cherrio, little did they realise that they had electrically charged their pens and that the Cherrio was attracted to it. They were amazed, we then took it to a new level when we introduced balloons!

In art we used foam shapes and paint to create a pattern. The children had their painters pallets where they got very creative mixing paints to create new colours.

In English we revised all of our letter sounds and also introduced our first two tricky words ‘I’ and ‘the’. We call them tricky words because they are non decodable, so we just have to learn them from sight.

In maths we have covered our four 2D shapes – square, circle, triangle and rectangle. We went on a shape hunt on Monday where the children founds lots of shapes around the school.

Next week in Aistear we will begin the theme – Toys. We have started pre-teaching the language already with the children using lots of descriptive words to describe their toys, such as , battery operated, hard, soft, shiny, remote controlled, bumpy, smooth, wind up, electronic etc.