Minutes of AGM

Venue: Wicklow Educate Together

Time: 7.15pm

Date: 26th January 2017


Present: Caoimhe Doyle – Chairperson

Jamie Boyce – Secretary

Sue Corrigan and Margaret Mozdierzka – Treasurers

Sarah Voight – Committee Member

Janice Doyle – Committee member

Eileen Power – Committee member

Principal – Sinead Watson

Board of management members – Rob Greene, Jerry O Neill, Koryne Smith, Kenia Puig Lynch, Sinead Watson

Teachers – Paula Ryan, Rory Connolly, Eileen Power


Parent population


Apologies; Anthea and Chris Lang


  1. Tea and coffee were served
  2. Caoimhe addressed the AGM with the following,
  • introduced and outlined the agenda
  • Advised that there will be a constitution drafted and encouraged all parents to read and involve themselves in voicing how this can be completed. This will also be in line with the NPC’s guidelines
  • Advised parents that we will become affiliated with the NPC. The National Parents Council is the representative organisation for parents of children who were established to contribute to the advancement of the education of all children and to support the involvement of all parents all stages of processes within the school environment. As a member of the NPC, WETNS PTA will now have voting rights on matters at a national level that will affect how the school is functioning
  • outlined some of the benefits of the NPC which include;
  • NPC training courses for the PTA committee, parent training resources, Internet safety for parents, supporting parents supporting children with their emotional and psychological well being and the whole school evaluation participation survey which will occur in the coming months.
  • Outlined that the PTA will be drafting a Parental Involvement Policy. This is to enhance and promote all parents getting involved in the school. The policy should provide a framework to support this.
  • There will be further organisation and discussion among the committee of forthcoming fundraising events and school activities involving parents and students. The PTA will be seeking volunteers for each and all these events and activities as needed.
  • Possibility of an EGM to discuss the constitution and parental involvement policy more indepthly
  1. A minutes silence was held and led by Eileen Power – teacher liaison officer.
  2. Paula – vice principal and teacher liaison officer gave an overview of the work of the parent association planning group and how the new PTA committee was formed – please see report
  3. Koryne – previous treasurer outlined a financial report. Last year the school broke even. 4,000 euros was raised and part funded the music generation programme. Other funding contributed to playground equipment, skipping workshop, play resources for infant classes and sandpits and also the IT epayment system Aladdin.
  4. Sinead – principal gave a principals report outlining how the year went and new staff members who have joined WETNS and those that have left. – please see report
  5. Report given by Gerry O Neill from the Board of Management outlining the importance of sub committees participation and communicating between the staff personnel and the parents.
  6. Yvonne Garrigan – previous Chairperson gave an outline and overview of the previous years of WETNS PTA and outlined the fundamental important factor for WETNS that parents getting involved in your child’s education makes the school environment a more enriching experience for all children.
  7. Presentation by Rob Greene- BOM to the outgoing committee members which included Yvonne, Tara, Kevin and Deirdre.
  8. Lisa Jervis – after school coordinator outlined what activities are available and how to enrol.
  9. Questions and Answers – main issues arising were the following – admissions policy, – Behavioural policy which is currently under review and parents can contribute their voice in completing out the survey on the WETNS website. – open forum to discuss complaints and/ or issues arising in the school environment, – notice board to be erected in the hallway entrance of the school, more communication between the PTA and parent/student population – parents requested access to the PTA minutes of all meetings, and how to best utilise the school facility after school hours.

Jamie Boyce

Secretary of PTA 2017