Music Generation

2016 is W.E.T.N.S’ fourth year of participation in the programme. At the end of this year all classes in the school will have had access to a year’s tuition. It has been great to see how specialised music tuition can bring music in the school to life. Further information can be found at

Schedule for Music Generation 2014-2015

Junior Infants through to Second Class will take part in the foundation programme. Ashling Seery will take Senior infants and Second class and Ela Evelina will be taking Junior Infants and First Class.

Fifth and Sixth Class will take part in the Choral Programme which will be run by Toni-Walsh Peelo.


Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, the choir for 2nd, 3rd and 4th won’t be able to take place this year. Hopefully, we can re-establish the choir when we move to the new school.

Peace Proms

5th and 6th class have been accepted for the Peace Proms concerts. We don’t have a date for the concerts yet but information about the concerts can be found at

When we get further information we will update this page.