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What does the Board of Management do?

There are 8 members of the Board of Management of a National School. Two of these are Staff Nominees (the Principal and an elected teacher), two are Parent Nominees elected by the parent body and two are nominees of the Patron body (Educate Together). When these 6 are in place, they meet and nominate two other members as Community Nominees. Under the Education Act (1998), the Board of Management must undertake to run the school according to the ethos determined by the Patron. Members of the Board of Management participate as volunteers in the school community. Boards of Management generally serve for a four-year term of office. Every board is reappointed and re-elected every four years. Our current board was appointed in December 2011.

Key activities of the Board of Management

Essentially, the Board manages the school, including the following activities:

  1. It has responsibility for drawing up the school plan and ensures that it is implemented
  2. It appoints the Principal, teachers and other staff and provides a direct line of support to the Principal.
  3. It ensures that the school fulfills its functions as set out in the Education Act, 1998.
  4. It must promote contact between the school, the parents and the community and must facilitate and give all reasonable help to a parent/Parent Teacher Association in its formation and its activities.
  5. It has overall responsibility for the school’s finances. it is obliged to have comprehensive insurance cover for the school. It must keep proper accounts, which may be audited by the Department of Education and Skills and/or the Comptroller and Auditor General. Its annual accounts must be available to the patron and the school community.
  6. The Child-centred aspect of the Educate Together Charter ensures that all decisions are taken with the best interests of the children in mind! More information about this charter is available in the ‘What is an Educate Together School?’ booklet available for download on the Educate Together Website.

Click here to access The Board of Management in your Primary School: A guide for parents 

Current Board Members

  • Chairperson Graham Byrne (Patron Nominee)
  • Principal Sinéad Watson
  • Secretary Eamonn O’Hanrahan (Teacher Nominee)
  • Treasurer Brian Fitzsimons  (Community Nominee)
  • Patron Nominee Michelle Adebisi
  • Community Nominee Anthony O’Rourke
  • Parent Nominee Caoimhe Fitzpatrick Doyle (Premises)
  • Parent Nominee Ciaran Buckley

To contact the Board of Management please email: [email protected] 

Board of Management Reports

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