Parent Association Minutes of Meeting:

Date: 16.02.2017

Present: Chris Lang, Johanne Harris, Margarita Nowwicka, Sarah Voigt, Paula Ryan, Caoimhe Doyle and Jamie Boyce.


  • PA Insurance
  • NPC Membership
  • Valentines Bakesale
  • Movie Night
  • Patrick’s Day parade
  • AOB


PA Insurance and NPC Membership – following on from the bakesale, to see how much is raised and pay out for the insurance and membership as soon as possible.


  1. Valentines Bakesale

All PA committee members wull be in attendance in the morning. Margarita, Janice, Anthea, Karina, and Sarah will remain till bakesale has been completed. Eileen Power has sent schedule of class list and it will start at 9.30am.

There will be an allergy table set up. Spare Hats are available to anyone who has not yet got one.

  1. Movie Night – Community Event for all parents and children of the WETNS. The Principa has confirmed the 4th March 2017 as the date. Padraig Boyce will provide all relevant equipment and set up for the movie night. No unaccompanied minors to be permitted in school without parent/adult. Film to be decided and voted on asap. Can use the afterschool room for small kids if necessary with their parents. To begin at 7pm. Will be seated. Request that people will be there a half hour before screening.

Suggestions for fundraising at event includes; ask for donations, have a raffle on the night, sell goodie bags and healthy snacks as alternative.

  • Jamie to look at getting a cash and carry card for the PA committee. Caoimhe and Sarah to buy the food for goody bags by Wednesday 1st March 2017. Price to be discussed for goody bags.
  • May need to issue a form – family name and if they might attend or not?
  • Put these forms in the children’s schoolbags through school council. Paula will speak with Eileen and seek expression of interest to the parent population of the school. Family event and children must be accompanied by their parent/guardian and no alcohol event.
  • Posters to be made and disseminated. Sarah to possibly to make posters for the night
  • On Tuesday 28th February to distribute tickets
  1. Patrick’s Day Parade
  • A working group has formed and a good team has come together. Agree a plan for the theme which is shoreline to skyline. Can use costumes from previous parades. The banners will be at the front. To connect the two buildings associated with St. Patricks Day Parade.
  • A subcommittee structure needs to be completed
  • All decisions made on the St. Patrick’s Day parade to be brought to Chairperson of the PA Caoimhe Doyle’s attention. To ensure a working partnership between the school, PA and subcommittees.
  • Sinead – Principal will check if the school’s insurance cover the parade for insurance for the students. Will see upon bakesale how much is raised and then insurance can be paid from that also.
  • Entry form to be completed and sent back to the St. Patrick’s day committee in Wicklow Town.
  • To issue a consent form in line with policy for school re: requesting consent from parents for students attending the parade and then this must be agreed by the Principal of the school. If requests/queries made by the working party to go through Caoimhe at this time with notice also. If publishing anything in the newsletter,needs to go through Caoimhe and also,  anything for consent from parents, needs to be passed by the Principal of the school.
  • Possibility of using the standard entry form for st patricks day parade and reisse it as a consent form for the school participants.
  • There is no supervision for unaccompanied children at the parade
  • Disclaimer needed for unsupervised children
  • Official communication through the school is done by phone contact to go through the newsletter and there will be two noticeboards erected outside the school.
  • Email queries/questions from the subcommittee to Sinead
  • Subcommitee requested can they enter into each classroom to assimilate information about the parade to the students. Not sure if can enter into ASU classes. Need to check this with the tecahers. Possibility of 6th class students wishing to promote this, Paula will talk to the Senior Support Teachers – utilised in their persuasive oral development approach.


  • Events to look at ASU involvement and participation in the future of school events.
  • Can be included on rota for bakesales
  • NPC training events dates to be confirmed.