PA Committee Meeting 22 March 2017

•       €800 raised at bake sale
•       Sue is in the process of setting up bank account.  The bank requires constitution documentation in order for this to happen.
•       Monies to be lodged by Sue/Margaret once account is opened.
•       Receipts from Parade are currently with Fran.  Janice is to chase them up and submit to Sue.
•       It was decided that future events / working groups will work to a pre-arranged budget.

•       Sue has arranged passwords.  Jamie is to mail minutes of meetings to Sue for uploading.
•       PA will use the website as a route to communicate on all events.

Behavioural Policy
•       PA were unclear as to the current status of the Behavior Policy.
•       The PA requested that to parent body be updated on the status of the Behaviour Policy and reminded of the stages involved in reviewing a policy document.

•       Johanne (ASD unit) has been added to the PA committee to represent ASD unit parents.
•       Anthea raised concerns about having a closed committee and queried how the committee intend to communicate with parents.
•       Eileen reiterated the importance of the NPC training in relation to this.  It is of vital importance that this happens asap.

Initiatives Requiring Funding
•       The committee suggested the following to form shortlist for agreement with school and board of management to be the focus of fundraising initiatives from now until October 2017
1.      The School Garden   2.  Defibrillator   3. Rhythm Workshop
with further investigation of the feasibility of installing a climbing wall for future fund raising consideration

•       Caoimhe read out all suggested events.  Only one event was suggested by the extended parent community via suggestion box provided.
•       All events are to be presented to the board for discussion.

Dates for Diaries
•       4th April.  Junior Infant parents 2017/18 open evening.  Note to go in newsletter inviting parent volunteers to help on the evening.
•       26th April PA Committee/Staff/Board of Management social