Poetry reading

6th class hosted  a poetry reading today and we invited some pupils from 2nd – 5th class to come and hear the poems we’ve written or the work of other poets we’ve picked  to read. It was such a special afternoon of poetry appreciation and a big thank you to everyone who shared their poems.




Silence        by Sophia Martin

Silence is a word, but it means nothing

The only thing you can do about it is say something

Grasp it, catch it

Use your voice

It’s up to you its completely your choice

Don’t be silent it’s cruel

You never know some day a voice might matter to you

You might need it

So feed it

Influence others until they use theirs

Silence is nothing so say something


L.I.A.M Poem      by Liam D’Este

L is for love and can never be bought

L is for life which we all have

L is for link, you can link your thoughts

L is for little the little calf


I is for ink which a pen needs to work

I is for image like a picture in the mind

I is for Izayc the aliens from Zork

I is for ignorance which we will always find


A is for amazing which we all are

A is for adventure, we adventure far

A is for apple my favourite fruit

A is for awesome, I’m awesome at the flute


M is for mouth which we use to speak

M is for mountain there is snow at the peak

M is for mallet they are very loud

M is for marshmallow they’re like big fluffy clouds

Yes Liam is my name and to succeed is my game