It has been a great first week. The children I’m sure are very tired and finding the days long but they have been amazing and are really enjoying being back together. The theme for this month is Spring.

In class we made our Chinese lanterns as we learnt about the Chinese New Year. We also planted some broad beans in cotton wool so we can observe the seed changing and hopefully see the root and shoot emerge before we replant them in soil. We are learning all about the frog lifecycle and have enjoyed watching the changes happening everyday to the frog spawn in our class.

In Irish we have begun the new topic An Teilfís and in English and Maths we have been going back over the letter and number formations we covered during lockdown. So far we have revised c, o, and a , the number 1 and 2.

Outside we have had great fun using our chalk in the school yard to practice our letter and number formations. We took a trip to the school garden to see how our daffodils are doing. We planted them in December but they have still not fully  bloomed. We have also enjoyed using hula hoops for the first time and thanks to the class fairy we were able to make fairy bubble wands and enjoy blowing and chasing bubbles outside with our very own magic bubble mixture.

Next week we will be recommencing our  reading programme and we will continue with revising our letter and number formations  Hopefully the rain will continue to stay away and we will try and get out as much as possible. 😊