We had our first presentations of Taitneamh homework this week. It’s been so good and interesting to see everyone present something they have worked on over the four – five weeks.

Fionn and the Titans

Fionn presented an excellent PowerPoint on the reign of the Titans and how they were overthrown. We may never sleep easy again after a very disturbing but interesting recount of their bloody history

Isabel wrote and illustrated a beautiful story in Irish which she then read to the junior classes. Marie helped her out by acting out the story. What a great team effort.

Cian prepared a delicious fresh fruit sorbet for the class to enjoy and prepared an excellent powerpoint on how to make the dessert. Thanks Cian!

Daniel and Kai, prepared a lesson on football skills for the class. They brought everyone to the yard and demonstrated a skill for us to try in pairs. After some practice we could appreciate how hard it was to tame a football. We then went up to the class room and watched a video they had prepared on five new football skills that they had worked on over the few weeks. We could totally appreciate how much work had gone into perfecting the techniques after trying to master one skill ourselves.

Gwen prepared a beautiful PowerPoint presentation on her experience of completing the Hell and Back course in Killruddery with her dad. Such a challenging course but well worth the feeling of accomplishment when it was all over.

Aislinn kindly put together a presentation of her art work and talked us through her love of art and different artistic styles and mediums. It was so lovely to see someone passionate about their work.

Rumo worked hard to design and build a skate board park using software on his computer. This attracted great interest in the class and he demonstrated the complexity of the work by adding a design request, for a half pipe, during his presentation.

Michael gave a great recount of an interview with his Grandparents. It was an excellent insight into transport, diets , schools and socialising from when they were younger.

Sam Culleton, wowed us all with is gardening skills and presented his work beautifully through a series of pictures and a gardening diary. He planted a selection of flowers with his mum over the four Thursdays.

Sean gave an excellent powerpoint presentation on Pokemon and their origins. His delivery of information was superb and he kept everyone engaged in the topic.

Aran entertained us all by making a behind the scenes documentary on a play ‘ Everyman’ which a family friend was producing for a festival in Kildare. We got to meet the actors and producers through the video and see a few clips of the play all thanks to Aran’s great idea. Thanks Aran!