The week started with some lovely sunshine and we headed out to the yard to investigate our shadows and some people even had their friends trace their shadow for them on the ground. We could not believe how tall our shadows were!

Back in the class room we observed daffodils for our still art lesson. We were very professional in our approach first sketching our daffodils and then painting them. The end results were amazing.

There is lots to see in our classroom at the moment, the broad bean seeds have shoots and roots emerging, our tadpoles have left their frog spawn and seems to grow bigger every day and the newest addition to our classroom is 5 little caterpillars. They arrived with the book, The Very Hungary Caterpillar, hopefully we can watch our baby caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies just like in the story.

In science we had another fun experiment where we observed the effect of two liquids on jellybeans. We had to predict which liquid would dissolve the jellybeans quickest…vinegar or water.


Every morning this week began with listening to reading. In Maths we have moved onto the number 5 number formation and we completed our final Stay Safe lesson which was on Strangers. Next week we will discussing the St. Patricks Day festival and its origins. In English we will continue to focus on reading and letter formations. Seachtain na Gaeilge  is next week and we will be encouraging the children to use as much Irish as they can during the day. Every day someone will receive the Irish speaker of the day award.