Present Robert Greene, Sinéad Watson, Eamonn O’Hanrahan, Graham Byrne, Brian Fitzsimons, Michelle Adebisi, Koryne Smyth

Minutes The minutes of the previous BOM meeting were adopted by the meeting.

Educate Together wrote to the school regarding its forthcoming annual fundraiser “One Day Together”. The Board decided that it would not partake this year, as we will need to focus fundraising for our own school.

Board Roles and Responsibilities

Koryne will now take responsibility for Premises, and Brian is treasurer

Teaching and Learning Sinéad detailed the whole school agreements reached over the last couple of years in regards to literacy, numeracy, Gaeilge, Learn Together, SESE, homework and assessment.

Edel Corcoran is the school’s new inspector.

School activities   Forest School will run in 3rd and 4th class

                               Music Generation – 1st-6th class

                               Swimming – 2nd to 6th class. 6th this term.

A grant of €3000 has been awarded for the communities integration fund. This will help fund intercultural week

New bus escort needs to be recruited for the Arklow route.

Cara Consultancy presented “Managing Aggression and Violence in Schools” to all staff. A report of the course is available for all Board members.


Sammon have gone into liquidation. The DES proposed that they re-tender the yard surface, heating and electrical issues and a grant will be provided to cover all other minor snags. Expenses incurred by the school have been submitted to the DES.

The hot water tank is leaking.

The heating system is still not working properly and we have no control over when it is turned on and off. This could become a serious issue if not resolved. Despite contact with the DES about this issue we are no closer to resolving the situation. Rob will write to Simon Harris regarding this issue.

Policies Following the Cara consultancy course it has been decided that we will need to review our Code of Behaviour. Sinéad proposed that, in line with the recommendation of the report the school set up a “Care team” to manage behaviour and discipline issues in the school.

Finance The most recent finance report was circulated to the Board.

Utilities & Ancillary costs are still very high.

Sundries/Book rental payments are much improved.


ET report One Day Together (see correspondence)

PTA report Graham will attend the PTA committee next week. Fundraising for the school will be a priority. GDPR and volunteer recruitment are also on the agenda.

After school activities Homework club up and running and other extra curriculum clubs will start again in October.

The Board also considered some routine matters, which for reasons of confidentiality are not included in this report