Wicklow Educate Together National School Board of Management Meeting 12th December 2017

Report to the school community

Present Robert Greene, Sinéad Watson, Eamonn O’Hanrahan, Graham Byrne, Michelle Adebisi Koryne Smyth Apologies Kenia Puig Planella

Set Down

  • Noted by all that there has been an improvement in the set down area

Whole School Evaluation

  • Written report not yet sent by DES
  • Positive report all round with positive recognition of Children, Staff and Parents
  • Next step is following receipt of written report, the BOM provide a response.

Vision Evening

Main points now on website

  • Outside area will be focussed on:
  • Upper grass area – agreement to get quotes from providers to offer budgetary guidance
  • Garden cannot be used until it is fenced off
  • Percent for art is flexible as to where situated, if outside
  • Nurture space also to be considered – interest from both staff and children as suits profile, can be community driven, is low cost and similar activities have been done (nurture lunches), outdoor space could be considered as part of “nurture” theme. Potentially will be implemented as a permanent function of school.
  • Both outdoor area and nurture room to be reviewed at next BoM meeting

Staff & BoM Training  – Workshop approved -28th February 2018

Pre Enrolment update All primary schools in locale offering places on a single day

GDPR Audit of IT infrastructure and data will progress


  • Sammon looking after some issues
  • Plumbing issue still unresolved
  • Outstanding landscaping is being addressed
  • Tarmac in yard due to be repaired
  • Electrics will be completed in January
  • By and large, progress being made


  • Voluntary Contribution letter to go out in January
  • Capitation Grant will not be received until January

PTA Report

  • Constitution in draft – nearly complete
  • Production of annual calendars a success

After School activities

  • There was a detailed discussion on the viability of the future of the Breakfast Club
  • Extra Curricular activities have been successful

Donna Connolly was thanked for her time on the board and it was acknowledged by all the time and effort that she has put in over the years. Best wishes to her were expressed by all members of the board on behalf of the school community

The Board also considered some routine matters, which for reasons of confidentiality are not included in this report