Present Robert Greene, Sinéad Watson, Graham Byrne, Brian Fitzsimons, Koryne Smyth
Apologies – Eamonn O’Hanrahan, Michelle Adebisi

Minutes The minutes of the previous BOM meeting were adopted by the meeting.

Percent for ArtIt was noted that the presentation that was made to staff was well received. The school insurance company has raised queries regarding supervision of the structure. Sinead responded and we are now waiting for the Insurer’s to respond. The intention would be to build a fence to enclose the structure so that we can ensure the safety of the children.

Staff The school will be eligible for an additional Assistant Principal post for the 2019/2020 school year. An additional full time SNA post has been sanctioned.
Croke Park Hours of staff were discussed and confirmed that all staff complete Croke Park hours in line with public service agreements, this is monitored by the principal and BOM

Pre-enrolment It was noted that there are a large number of infants for the 2019 intake. It was agreed that the offers of places letters will be sent out on the 4th of February inline with other local schools in the hopes of reducing the large number to only those who are genuinely interested. The letters are to be returned by 14th February.

Premises The Department of Education included this school in the inspection plan for rapid build schools, the principal was informed that we have a very well built school.
The boiler, heating and drainage were discussed

Policies Admissions policy – This will be reviewed once the new admissions bill is passed. The new policy will take effect from 2024.

Circulars Mobile phones & Ancillary services were discussed

Care team The team would like a review of the Code of Behaviour. They would like students, staff and parents to be involved. The board see this as a positive move and are considering the best way to get feedback from all parties
on this. Sinead feels that the care team are already having a positive impact on the students within the school.

Finance Income from the Maker’s fair and school calendars is due soon and will be very much appreciated. The board appreciates the efforts and hard work that the PTA have put in to make these fundraisers such a great success.
Sinead made the board aware that a projector in 1st class is not working. Quotes were obtained to replace The board considered the quotes and approved one.

PTA report The PTA have started arranging a Strictly Come Dancing fundraiser. The board would like to formally thank the PTA for their efforts of late. Koryne will express their gratitude at the next PTA meeting on behalf of the board in relation to the success of the Maker’s Fair and the School Calendar sales.

After school activities The school run Aftercare Service will be launched from the 14th January and will run until 5:30pm. It is expected to have a slow start and come into its own for the following school year.

Easy Payments – Three payment options have been looked at to help with the collections and administration of afterschool activities including the new aftercare service. The board agreed that Easy-payment were the best option.

ET Report A new Admissions bill is expected.
Rob has offered to advise on new build schools.

Date of next meeting – Thursday January 24th

The Board also considered some routine matters, which for reasons of confidentiality are not included in this report