Wicklow Educate Together National School Board of Management Meeting 7th March 2017 – Report to the School Community

Present Robert Greene, Sinéad Watson, Eamonn O’Hanrahan, Donna Connolly, Jerry O’Neill, Kenia Puig Planella

Apologies – Koryne Smyth, Michelle Adebisi

Road Signage – Contact has been made with the council, who will review the signage on the road around the school in the Summer.

Premises – Safety walkthrough completed by Board members, staff members and Health and Safety officer.

School policies: – Communication policy, behaviour policy and admissions policy are currently under review.

Percent for Art – Mind-mapping with staff and students is in progress.

Snag list – There is still an ongoing snag list. Regular contact is being maintained with the project manager.

Enrolment projections for Wicklow ET –

September 2017 370 (14 classes)

September 2018 390 (14 classes)

September 2019 411 (15 classes)

September 2020 411 (16 classes)

ET Report- Discussed motions for the ET AGM. Board to compose a motion for “Central contracts for maintenance for E.T school”

PTA Report – Engineers’ week is currently taking place and has been very successful. Bake sale was also very successful.

The new PTA will begin appropriate training for their new roles.

Easter Holidays – School to reinstate half day for the Easter holidays in line with other local schools.

The BoM also considered some routine matters, which for reasons of confidentiality are not included in this report