Extra-Curricular Activities Programme Term 1 – Nov to Dec 2019

Term 1 of our extra-curricular activities programme will begin on Monday 4th November and run until Thursday 12th December for all classes except Irish Dancing, which will finish on Thursday 19th December.

EASYPAYMENTS – Please note, for this school year all extra-curricular activities are booked and paid for on Easypayments on a first come first served basis.  You will receive a text when activities are ready to book on Easypayments.

Irish Dancing – due to the nature of this activity, first priority booking will be given to existing members of Claire’s Irish Dancing group here at the school.

Extra-Curricular Activity Class Information                                                      Please find below a full list of classes, including days, times and fees. Please give your child a small snack and extra drink to have at the start of each activity and ensure they wear appropriate clothing for the various activities, runners and comfortable clothing for sports activities and something old/well-worn for arts/science classes. For outdoor activities in term 3 please remember sun hats, sunscreen and extra water. We would like to advise parents/guardians that places in our extracurricular activities programme are only available to children who are pupils of Wicklow Educate Together NS. Our afterschool activities are an extension of our school services and as such our positive behaviour policy applies. https://wicklowetns.com/our-school/policies/


Soccer – Joe & Aidan 2.30pm – 3.30pm (2nd to 6th Class ONLY)

Joe & Aidan will run soccer classes every Monday for our 2nd to 6th class pupils.

Fee €36.00 for a 6-week term (Monday)


Lego Challenge – 2.30pm – 3.30pm (1st – 3rdth Class ONLY)

Lego Challenge is a creative brick building and social activity club for children. It offers a fun programme of free play, themes, challenges and games for one hour on a weekly basis. The idea of Lego Challenge is to encourage imagination, foster creativity, problem solving, sharing, teamwork, self-esteem and sociability.

Fee €48.00 for a 6-week term (Monday)


Yoga – 1.30pm – 2.30pm (JUNIOR & SENIOR INFANTS) & 2.30 PM- 3.30pm (1st to 6th Class ONLY)

Yoga will enhance a child’s flexibility, strength and co-ordination. It promotes physical strength because children learn to use their muscles in new ways.  In addition a child’s sense of calmness and relaxation will noticeably improve.

Fee €50.00 for a 6-week term (Monday)


Sally’s Sewing Club – 2.30pm – 3.30pm (1st – 6th Class ONLY)

Have fun learning how to sew, sew on buttons, make small repairs to clothes and toys. Create your own sewing project. All materials and equipment provided.

Fee €36.00 for a 6-week term (Tuesday)

Rory’s Multisport – 2.30pm – 3.30pm (1st – 5th CLASS ONLY)

Practice your ball skills, have fun and get fit with a variety of indoor ball games! Throw ball, bench ball, basketball and lots more.

Fee €36.00 for a 6-week term (Tuesday)


Drama with Alan & Louise– 2.30pm – 3.30pm (3rd – 6th Class ONLY)

Acting is fun!  We will explore drama through role play and improvisations in a fun and friendly environment.

Fee €42.00 for a 6-week term (Tuesday) 


Athletics – Eithne Walsh   1.30pm – 2.20pm (SENIOR INFANTS ONLY) & 2.30 -3.30 1ST – 6TH CLASS

Athletics will be coached by Eithne Walsh a Level 2 AAI Coach with 7 years’ experience coaching with Inbhear Dee Athletics Club. The sessions will focus on the fundamental movement skills around running, throwing and jumping in a fun environment. These 3 skills are the basis for all sports and will result in stronger muscles and bones, more endurance and greater flexibility and strength. It will enhance the child’s confidence in their physical body and its capabilities. These can be lacking in this generation due to the massive changes in lifestyle that have occurred over the last 20 years. “The first 12 years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out” – lay the foundations for a healthy life now!

Fee €42.00 for a 6-week term (Wednesday)


Art with Amber – 2.30pm to 3.30pm (1st to 6th Class)

Drawing, painting, making and sculpting. Use your creativity and imagination in this process-based class.  Students enjoy using a variety of materials and techniques during this class and get to bring home their creations each week.

Fee €60.00 for a 6-week term (Thursday)

Irish Dancing- 1.30pm – 2.20pm (JUNIOR & SENIOR INFANTS) & 2.30 – 3.30pm 1ST – 6TH CLASS

Please note no class on 28th November. Term will run until 19th December.  Priority will be given to existing dancers.

The Dowling School of Irish Dancing

A fun, energetic class, catering for all ages and abilities. Irish Dancing is the quick and precise movements of the feet to traditional Irish music. It provides physical benefits such as increased stamina, core strength and general overall fitness.  Irish dancing also improves balance, posture, coordination and memory building, all while having fun at the same time. Children can wear tracksuits or leggings and runners for this class.

Fee €48.00 for a 6-week term (Thursday) or €84.00 for 2 siblings

Chess – 2.30pm to 3.30pm (2nd to 6th Class ONLY)

Eamonn & Joe will run Chess classes for 2nd to 6th class pupils every Thursday. From beginners to experienced players, all welcome.

Fee €36.00 for an 6-week term. (Thursday)