This week in Junior Infants we continued the theme ‘Myself’ by learning about life with our families at home. We also started pre-teaching  the language for Harvest and Autumn which is our theme for next month.

In Irish we finished up the lessons on ‘Mé Féin’ and next week we will be begin learning about ‘An Scoil’.

In Maths we focused on sets and classifying objects into sets based on one or two attributes.

In PE we practiced our throwing and balancing skills using beanbags. In Aistear this week one of the stations was teaching the children various games they can play together in yard such as:

What time is it Mr. Wolf, Duck, Duck Goose and Stuck in the mud.

In English we finished group two of our sounds. Please continue to practice these at home if you get a chance. Next week will be a revision week before we move onto the next set. There is some great sounding out of letters and the start of hearing simple CVC words such as cat, mat, rat, hat, pin, pan, man etc.