This was our final week of learning under the umbrella theme of ‘Myself’. We have explored school and home in the previous weeks and this week we took a trip to the doctors to  learn about different parts of our bodies and how a doctor might be able to help us if we hurt ourselves. There are lots of capable doctors in Junior Infants with bandages and plastered and ‘special ‘ sprays being administered for all sorts of ailments.

We are also continuing with our letter sounds and please practice these at home if you can. In maths we are matching objects based on different criteria and exploring the difference between large and small objects.

We completed our Gaeilge ceacht on ‘Mé Féin’ and we have learnt so many little songs and rhymes about ourselves including….One finger one thumb keep moving, The Speks version of Miss Molly had a Dolly who was sick, sick, sick ( A version of the song performed with traditional Irish instruments), Lámh, Lámh eile and Tá Teidí ag siúl.

The weeks are flying by and Christine and Hillary and I are so grateful for every day we have with our brilliant Junior Infants.