PA Minutes of Meeting:

Date: 7th February 2017

Present: Caoimhe Doyle, Janice Doyle, Sue Corrigan, Margarita Nowicka, Karina Moz, Sarah Voigt, Eileen Power (Teacher Liaison Officer), Anthea Lang and Jamie Boyce.


  1. Committee Members: The 2 parents elect on the Board of Management will automatically be members of the PA committee Koryn Smith and Jerry O Neill and will alternate their attendance at the PA meetings.
  2. Meetings and Minutes: a copy of minutes will be circulated to the parents of the school via website and some hard copies near Fran’s office.
  3. Communication with parent community: the PA will strive to promote and encourage good communications between the PA, staff personnel and the parent body as far as possible. Ways in which to communicate will be via;
  • Web page – PA section on site
  • WETNS Newsletter
  • Dropbox will be made and designated near Fran’s office
  • Noticeboard will be designated and erected in hall way forthcoming

All parents/ teachers are advised to read all the policies in accordance with the school structure.

  1. Garda Clearance : All PA members need to be Garda vetted and will be completed through the school channel.
  2. Parents Association Constitution: this is a work in progress and will be drafted over a number of weeks. Upon completion of draft, will be circulated to the parent body to discuss changes or amendments as deemed suitable and appropriate in line with school policies and ethos of WETNS.
  3. Parental Involvement Policy: this is a work in progress and will be drafted over a number of weeks as above stated.
  4. Behavioural Policy: is currently under review and a link was sent out on the WETNS newsletter to complete and return by parents if they wish to add or raise changes to be made in accordance with structure of the behavioural policy.
  5. Membership of National Parents Council: this was seconded and agreed by PA. The PA will pay for membership of 75 euros to become members of this council.
  6. Insurance for PA: this was seconded and agreed by PA. The PA will seek out insurance cost and become insured once quotes are discussed and agreed.
  7. Food HSA: People who are HACCP certified may serve and support food being served in a school premises. We are lucky that one of the PA members is HACCP certified and we will act in accordance with HSA guidelines when providing and serving food to the children, staff and parents and also include children with allergies.
  8. Financial Status: currently there is no funding. A new bank account will be set up with two treasurers on the committee Margarita Nowicka and Sue Corrigan.
  9. Website Parent Area: these details are still being finalised and once completed, information will be sent to advise the parent body of how to access the site.
  10. School events:
  • Internet Safety talk will be held with 2nd -6th class on the 31st March 2017
  1. Photographer: we will continue the tradition of the photography company coming to WETNS to take sample photos with no pressure on parents to buy them but their child can be photographed with parent’s consent.
  2. Health and Safety Audit: Egress survey has been completed and identified problem on the road outside WETNS. However, overall positive feedback had by given by EGRESS with the set down arrangements. However, more concerns have been identified and a subcommittee has been set up and are currently recruiting for more volunteers to participate. In WETNS newsletter this week, this was highlighted. Subcommitee includes; Janice Doyle, Jerry O Neill, and Rory – teacher liaison
  3. Afterschool activities: agreed that this has begun very positively and acknowledged the hard work, dedication and coordination of Lisa Jervis – aftercare coordinator.
  4. Valentines Bakesale: Information was highlighted in this week’s newsletter and volunteers sought to help set up hall on Thursday 16th Bakesale will be held on Friday 17th February.
  5. Engineers Week: new item being set up. Members of the committee will be meeting on Monday 12th February to utilise and distribute doodlebots and during engineers week will be meeting with all class groups in WETNS to demonstrate activities with the children
  6. Patrick’s Day Parade: Subcommitte to be set up: this was highlighted in this week’s newsletter and looking for feedback in forming a subcomittee as soon as possible. Some of the subcomittee will include members of the PA also.
  7. Movie Night: Possible date 4th March to be confirmed. To set up a movie night in the school to host a community event for the school as part of the ethos and promote meeting other parents and having a positive school event together.
  8. Parent and toddler mornings: this was discussed and look at the possibility of having this once per month in the school setting.
  9. Regular scheduled coffee mornings: this was discussed and look at the possibility to promote open communication and integration with school population and have a nice cup of coffee and chat with others.
  10. Early morning parent and child warm ups; to make use of the outdoor facilities before school starts, PA discussed the possibility of small exercises with parents and children. PA members will be facilitating this and there is no cost to it. Possibly the first Thursday of each month – to be confirmed.
  11. Parent evening talks/seminars: Upon membership of the National Parents Council, the school will have access to facilitators to discuss seminars based on welfare of the child including internet safety, cyber bullying and how to promote emotional health and well- being for your child and will be made available to all the parent body. More information to follow as the PA gather that information and will distribute.
  12. Facilitated open forum: this was discussed and to be reviewed.




Next PA meeting due the 16th February at 7pm.


Jamie Boyce.

Secretary of the WETNS PA.