A hundred hundred thank yous and well done to each and every one of the 120 kids and 80 parents (and extended families!) that turned out for Paddy’s Day Parade, suited and booted, and ready to rock the town! You were all just absolutely brilliant and you should all be very proud of yourselves. To all who gave a dig out at Whitegates and those that were dragged in unexpectedly and had roles and costumes foisted upon them, thank you thank you! We won’t name individuals as there were just so many people who went the extra mile we have the fear of accidentally leaving someone out but suffice to say all your efforts were very much noticed, enjoyed and appreciated. Most importantly of all, a HUGE thank you to all the children who took part. With your singing and laughter, re-enactments and performance skills, and your smiling faces you infected everybody along the route with your enthusiasm and good cheer. Well done, guys! At the end of the day we brought home the award for Best School Entry. Below is a small selection of happy moments from before during and after!