We plan to have a poetry open mic day after the mid-term in 6th class. Pupils will be invited to read poems they enjoy or poems they have written themselves.  In preparation we have been sharing different poems and getting our heads into a poetry space. Maeve gave  a lovely lesson today where we were encouraged to write a poem based on a letter of our choice. The results were amazing.  Some are still a work in progress but below is a sample of a few of the poems written in class.



By:  Isabel

Q is the questions you think in your head,

Q is the quite time  you have in your bed,

Q is the queue you wait in line for the new iphone X,

Q is for when you question your life, rethink the stuff you may not like.



By : Rory

D is for dentist, the place we all hate

D is for diamond that we take on a date

D is for dart board that I saw in a pub

D is for dirt that is all on the rug

D is for dandruff that comes from our head

D is for oh no I’m dead.



By : Michael

R is for river,  a babbling brook,

R is for rook, a crafty crook



By: Sam Culleton

S is for super and Sam combined,

S is for searching anything you find,

S is for storage to keep in your mind,


S is for sadness all around the world,

But smiling will keep you alive,

S is for savage and have a good time,


S is for singing your voice out,

While watching the sun-set,

S is for the stranger you just met,