What a busy month September had been! And what an amazing start our junior infants have got off to. They have been getting to know one another learning about all the different games and activities in the classroom, beginning their reading journey, and lots more!

During Aistear, the theme was At the Doctor’s and the boys and girls enjoyed our four different stations: role play, junk art, small world and construction. Stethoscopes, thermometers, X-ray machines, syringes and other interesting medical devices were made using recycled materials, lego blocks and other classroom toys. Hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and ambulances were built, whilst plenty of junior doctors, nurses & receptionists attended to the patients during role play!

Finally, the month finished with a tasting of sweet honey and apples to celebrate the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah.

Have a look at some photos of what we have been doing!