Wicklow Educate Together National School Board of Management Meeting Tuesday 26th November 2019 Report to the school community

Present Robert Greene, Sinéad Watson, Eamonn O’Hanrahan, Koryne Smyth, Michelle Adebisi, Graham Byrne

Apologies Anthony O’Rourke

Recruitment The Caretaker job and the aftercare job have been advertised in Education Posts and the local newspaper.

Pre-Enrol update was supplied

2024 enrolment – The school will need a clarifying statement for parents who are expressing an interest for that year, as the school is no longer permitted to accept these applications

Insurance The main insurance policy, aftercare insurance and insurance and the July education programme were discussed

Aftercare Admin fee of €0.50 will be charged for cancellations or alternative collections. An additional €2.00 will be charged for late bookings after the 11am cut off. Total number of children who attended aftercare in November was analysed.

Premises New pump for rain water harvesting system has been organised

The school will qualify for an “Emergency Works” grant to fix remaining leaks, pending an engineer’s report.

Finance Finances are in a much better place than this time last year. Sundries are up, utilities are down. Strictly and afterschool activities have also greatly helped.

Invoice listing will be used, including Strictly as a line, to track Strictly spending. There will also be a column to track equipment and expendables.

Percent for Art final payment has come in. The school can now pay the final invoice to the artist.

School Policies Code of behaviour was ratified and Class formation policy was ratified. Medication policy was discussed

Educate Together Graham attended training for ET Boards.

FSSU – Boards should avail of this facility if financial guidance is needed.

Graham has been formally ratified as Chair of the Board.

PTA The Board wish to formally thank Niamh and all of the team for their incredible work before and during the recent Winter Fair

The Board also considered some routine matters, which for reasons of confidentiality are not included in this report