DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED until after the mid-term break to Monday, 22nd February 2016!

Photos or scanned drawings can be submitted via email to [email protected] and don’t forget to include details, e.g Billy Joe McGoldrick, pupil, 2009-2015.

“MY MARINE HOUSE” 2003-2016


As you are all aware WETNS will shortly be parting company from our beloved Marine House after 13 happy years of growing and learning together. To commemorate this wonderful time current and past pupils, parents and staff are invited to design a postcard under the title “My Marine House”. You can use whatever medium you like – paints, markers, charcoal, coloured pencils, collage, or even make a model and photograph it – to portray what comes to your mind when you think of Marine House. It could be a view of Marine House itself or the playground or Brendan at the front door or the location beside The Murrough or the Rocks or whatever you like! Your design can be in colour or black and white.

PHOTOGRAPHS: We have received a few requests for clarification on whether photographs can be submitted as potential postcards. As this is not an art competition but rather a collection of personal memories of Marine House photographs WILL be accepted as well as hand-drawn designs. Photographs can depict whatever your fondest memory of Marine House is, whether that’s at an event (e.g. Yule @ School, WETNS on the Move, Púca Party, or releasing the seals, etc) or with your friends or your first (or last) day attending WETNS in Marine House. Photographs can also be submitted of a model or a piece of art or sculpture that you have created that particularly reminds you of Marine House. A simple photograph is acceptable or you can use whatever photographic software available to you to create the effect you want. Please scan and print your photograph directly onto the template sheet as there may be production difficulties with thicker photographic paper and also we are not in a position to return actual photographs.

One design per person please and all designs received by the deadline will be reproduced as a postcard. Packs of postcards of individual designs will be available for families to purchase and also packs of a selection of the most iconic designs will be available. The name of the person who designed the card and the dates of their connection to WETNS & Marine House will be printed on the back of each card.

You can download the entry form for your design here. Hard copies are also available from the school office. Designs can be landscape or portrait and should fit within the black box to ensure that all of your design can be reproduced successfully in standard postcard size. Please print your details clearly on the form so that your design can be properly identified.

Completed designs should be returned either to the box in the foyer in Marine House, or by post to My Marine House Postcard Project, Wicklow Educate Together National School, Marine House, The Murrough, Wicklow, or scan and email to [email protected] no later than Wednesday, 17 February 2016.

Looking forward to seeing all your wonderful memories of Marine House!

January 2016

Download Postcard Application

Click here to download My-Marine-House-Postcard-Template